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Wireless Hotspots in Grand Rapids, MI

January 1, 2005

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Wireless hotspots are popping up all over, not just in places like Starbucks in Chicago. Yes, I’ll admit it – I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan. But regardless of what I’ve heard Michigan celebrities like Madonna and Anthony Kiedis say on their E! True Hollywood Story, I actually like living in this state. Michigan’s come a long way in just the last 10 years.

One way that Grand Rapids is growing up is the arrival of coffee shops offering free wireless internet access. While there are places like hotels, airports and others that offer similar services, I’d like to focus on places that are relaxing and cheaper.

Here’s a list of free coffee house hotspots in the Grand Rapids area. Stop in, buy a coffee and a bagel, sit down with your wireless device, and browse happily.

Click on the location for a Google map of the hotspot.

Bagel Beanery2845 Breton Road

Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Phone: 616-245-4220
Beanabox Coffee
4300 Plainfield

Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Phone: 616-361-2125
Bean Tree Bistro
Just east of the Rivertown Crossings mall
Phone: 616-301-9422
Phone: 616-361-5067
Beaners4533 Ivanrest, Suite B

Grandville, MI 49418

Phone: 616-530-3310
Cafe T Milano
Phone: 616-451-9645
Coffee Grounds
Common Ground Coffee Shop
Phone: 616-459-2999
Forest Hills Foods Cafe
Four Friends Coffee House
Phone: 616-456-5356

Frenz Coffee House

3150 Plainfield

Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Phone: 616-447-0080
Java Lounge2090 Celebration Drive, Suite 106

Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Phone: 616-214-7044
Jay Wellington’s
Phone: 616-285-1695
Kava House
Phone: 616-971-4560
Kava House
Phone: 616-451-8600
Morningstar 75
Morningstar 76
Phone: 616-301-2226
Noshville Coffee Cafe
Phone: 616-531-8720
Panera Bread
Phone: 616-850-9700
Panera Bread
Phone: 616-957-1100
Panera Bread
Just southeast of the Celebration Cinema theater building at Knapp and East Beltline

Phone: 616-363-9100

Panera Bread
Phone: 616-949-1200
Sweetwaters752 Fulton Street

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Phone: 616-451-6061
Urban Mill
Phone: 616-458-6455
Wireless Cafe1558 44th Street

Wyoming, MI 49509

Phone: 616-301-8863

Note that there are other ways of getting free wireless access, like just driving around and sniffing for available wireless networks (as a sample set, I found there are over 70 available access points within a two-mile radius of my house). There’s plenty out there you can connect freely to – people setting these up are either unknowing or uncaring about protecting their networks (you can read more about wireless security). You might think the existence of these open access points make this list completely pointless, right? Well, possibly. But if you ever need a relaxing place to sit and a drink a cup-o-Joe, as opposed to hunching uncomfortably in your car or huddling conspicuously in someone’s bushes, you can always look here for recommendations! Besides, I want to focus on the intentional and legal public hotspots. I’ll leave the wardriving and conspicuous huddling to others.

For even more Grand Rapids hotspots (coffee and non-coffee related), check out

With the arrival of free hotspots, you don’t need much to have your very own Mobile Communications Station. Here’s my current preferred configuration: Just open your laptop.

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