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Clearing up Microsoft Office licensing confusion

January 1, 2008

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Orion asks:

I would like to install the Office Small Business suite on my laptop and my desktop. Is this legal? I recently purchased this software.

No problem. Straight from Microsoft:

“You can install one copy of Office Small Business Edition 2003 on your main computer and another on your laptop computer for your exclusive, but non-concurrent use. …Note licenses for the 2003 release of Office acquired preinstalled on new computers are single-computer licenses that cannot be transferred or installed on another computer.”

To summarize:

  • If you’ve purchased the Office software online or at a store, then yes, you can share it between a desktop and a laptop.
  • If the software came preinstalled with your computer, then no, the software must remain only on that computer.

This information applies to Office Professional Edition, Office Small Business Edition, and Office Standard Edition. (Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 can be installed on up to three computers.)

This information was condensed from the page below, under the Installation and Compatibility section:

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