Motorola Xoom review

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The Motorola Xoom Tablet PC won CNET’s “Best of Show” award at CES 2011 for being “the most potentially disruptive technology”. While I think “disruptive technology” sounds more applicable to airport backscatter X-rays challenging the concept of personal privacy, or social media enabling political revolutions in Libya and Egypt, I get the point: In terms of […]

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Amazon Kindle 3 review

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One of the most interesting things about this technology is that it’s so new and so revolutionary, the market hasn’t even agreed what to call it yet. And of those who seem to have settled on a name, no one agrees how to spell it. The Amazon Kindle sales pages call it a “Wireless Reading […]

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SolarVision NoiseHush N650 review: Solar bluetooth hands-free speakerphone

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The NoiseHush N650 is a solar-powered bluetooth hands-free car speakerphone. That description is much easier to type than it is to say, but all those words are necessary. The NoiseHush is a great addition to any smartphone user who wants a car kit – it works well and it’s easy to use. I’ve used hands-free […]

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Galaxy Tab review

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The Galaxy Tab is an excellent adaptation by Samsung for their first entry into the tablet PC world. In this case, the Galaxy Tab has inevitable comparisons to the Apple iPad, and it should – conceptually the Tab and iPad are very similar devices, only one is designed by Apple (that’s software and hardware) and […]

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Droid Pro review

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The Droid Pro is the next smartphone in the “Droid” series, a specially-designed combination of operating system and hardware from Google and Motorola. With the Droid Pro, while I feel the smartphone has some drawbacks, it’s still well-suited to the right type of user. First, the basics: the Droid Pro is a smaller smartphone with […]

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Samsung Fascinate review

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The Samsung Fascinate is another great addition to the Google Android-powered phone lineup. Its notable features are size and performance. This is a smaller, lighter phone that uses the Samsung Galaxy S interface, something that continues to impress me. The end result of the Fascinate is a great 3G smartphone. While I’m not wild about the […]

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Monaco mobile phone solar charger review: Power cellphones and small electronics with solar-powered battery backup

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Many products today require USB charge cables. While there is no single standard in USB cable size, it’s still much easier today, with fewer proprietary charge cables for a cellphone. For the most part, most cellphones (and many other small electronics) are compatible with these kinds of USB interfaces: USB Mini-USB Micro-USB USB provides a […]

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Droid 2 review

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The Droid 2, as the name suggests, is the second iteration of the incredibly successful Motorola Droid. Since the first Droid, Google’s Android operating system has been a smash success. It propelled Google’s Android-OS smartphones onto center stage and arguably stole the spotlight away from Apple’s iPhone. In my review of the first Droid, I loved […]

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The best digital camera for kids

My daughter loves to take pictures. It all started not so long ago, when she would see me or my wife take pictures with our (moderately-expensive) digital camera. “Can I take a picture, too? Pleeease?” My wife and I of course couldn’t refuse. But we were overly cautious – we stressed the importance of using […]

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