Weird and funny error pictures in Microsoft Windows

I had one of my clients tell me, “You know, you keep talking about this computer as if it’s a person!” It’s not, of course, but sometimes you have to treat it like one.

Computers are temperamental, easily confused, and often bad communicators.

The pictures below illustrate this point. It’s a list of problems in Microsoft Windows. It’s a list of pictures of funny computer mistakes. There are of course more examples than you could count, but here are some that caught my eye.

The pictures are all thumbnails – click on them to view full-size images.

An unabridged error message

Microsoft Windows error message

This one is a doozy. Read it. Take a good, long read. Did you find it particularly helpful? Some people (with insomnia) do.

Well, that clears it up

Microsoft Windows error message

So close… yet something fairly important is still missing. I can’t put my finger on it… And neither can Windows.

Spinning your wireless wheels

I ran into this interesting error while connecting to my local coffee house’s free wireless access point. It’s a little more involved. Check out the blue-highlighted “BretonRdBagel” connection detail. It says “Not connected”. Yet just below that, we see “You are currently connected to this network”:

Microsoft Windows error message

Which message should I believe? Well, I couldn’t connect to the Internet, so probably the first message. But nope. When I went to click the bottom “Disconnect” button, nothing happened. No error message, no disconnection or reconnection. A reboot fixed the problem, as it often does. But up till that point, I figured a screen shot might be interesting.

How about just a little hint?

Microsoft Windows error message

Well, that’s very helpful. Now I know more about how to fix the problem.

Er, wait, I was mistaken. It’s not helpful. Not at all.

Come again?

Microsoft Windows error message

Fine. So you can’t read from drive E. But what are those options again?

You’d think the latest version of Windows would know the alphabet by now

Open the built-in wireless networking management tool in Windows Vista. It’s a remarkably handy tool that allows you to manage all your wireless network profiles from a central location. It’s handy, that is, if you could actually find what you’re looking for.

Needing to find a specific network profile, I clicked the leftmost column to sort the wireless networks by their name:

Microsoft Windows error message

…and the many wireless networks don’t sort properly. Apparently wireless networks with capital letters come before networks starting with lower case letters. Intuitive, isn’t it?

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    I have started a recent obsession with funny error messages, and this one made me genuinely lol!