Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s minimum hardware requirements


I have just gotten a new laptop and dragon [naturallyspeaking] 9 preferred.  The laptop has intel pentium M, with 1.7GHz processor, 209MHz, 512MB of Ram.  When i tried to install dragon [naturallyspeaking] it told me the processor was too slow?


You didn’t say what model of laptop you had, or what version of Windows you’re running, but based on what you’ve said already I have a couple guesses.

Here is the site for the minimum recommended hardware stats for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Did the error specifically target the processor as the cause of your installation failure? Or did it say something like “your processor may be too slow, or you may not have enough RAM“? If you have a 1.7GHz processor, that’s fast enough. If this is a new PC, then your free drive space shouldn’t be an issue either.

I’d look at your RAM. If you bought the laptop with 512MB of RAM, realize that’s not what Windows may see. Many laptops (and some desktops) “steal” a small portion of that RAM for video graphics. So that 512 MB of RAM in your laptop may actually look like less than that to Windows. To find out how much memory Windows thinks you have, right-click on the “Computer” or “My Computer” icon and choose “Properties”. The RAM amount will be listed there.

Note that a laptop (or a desktop for that matter) with 512MB of RAM is really not enough. In my page of recommended hardware stats for new PCs, notice that the minimum recommended RAM for a new system is much higher than 512MB. This is to improve overall performance and prevent issues like this. Any new PC with less than 1GB (1000MB) of RAM will experience a performance bottleneck: It’s also possible that your lower RAM amount may be slowing the whole PC down, and causing what looks like a slow CPU problem to the DNS install.

Solutions? I’d get more RAM in that PC. 2GB if you can afford it. Definitely bring it up to 1GB or higher. See if that fixes the issue. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to contact DNS tech support, but in the meantime you’ll have a faster PC for a relatively cheap upgrade.

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  1. kenny:

    i have hp pavilion laptop with 2 gigs of ram dual core amd athlon x2. 200 gigs of free hd space. and it says the same thing for me. i have the program (dragon naturally speaking 10) on my xp pro desktop. and used the same installer to put it on my laptop and it says the same thing. any ideas? i know for sure i meet all the min. requirements.