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Automatically finding vinyl track and time information

January 1, 2005

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George asks a question about converting Vinyl to CD and MP3, while automatically pulling track and time information:

I want to transfer my valuable vinyl collection to my PC first and later onto CD. The problem is that I don’t have time to type in the information for every album, every track, etc. Is there a way that I can search a database by typing in the album name, and presto, all the information will be displayed. Very similar to my creative software that get info about the CD from Gracenote cddb. Once displayed I can then update the transferred songs.

1) Use If the album is sold on Amazon in CD or newer format, they’ll give you full album, song, and time information for just about everything they sell. You don’t need to buy anything, but can use their service to look up album information. This obviously won’t work if the album isn’t sold anymore, but is a starting point.

2) Software like Music Catalogue Master might help. The phrase “It enters CDs and vinyl record albums automatically by connecting via the Internet.” is vague, but may do what you’re looking for.

3) AVRL: American Vintage Record Labelography
Sounds perfect, but I’m unable to find much information on this after a quick search. The website linked to this organization is gone. But the description sounds exactly what you need:

“A cooperative, volunteer effort on the part of discographers, collectors and archives worldwide to assemble a comprehensive database of every 78 rpm disc and cylinder recording issued in the United States.”

Here are some websites that may help: – This site also has the non-working link to AVRL, as well as links to other vinyl-lovers websites. – A 1997 document referencing the AVRL project with a name and email address of the project coordinator.

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