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ThinkVantage System Update tool allows easy updating of software drivers for Thinkpad / Lenovo PCs

January 1, 2007

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Those who have IBM / Lenovo PCs have a way to update drivers easily and in a centralized fashion.

Previously, users had to scan through the IBM driver matrix to download drivers for individual components on their Thinkpads or Lenovo brand PCs. You’d have to download and apply each update manually and separately.

Now, you can get the ThinkVantage System Update tool. Use it to download and install the latest drivers for all devices on your Thinkpad automatically, in one big group. It makes administration and updates far easier than before.

I bring this up not only for Thinkpad users, but for any hardware providers out there: Give us more of these kinds of tools for our computers!

Note: You need to have a C:\DRIVERS folder existing on your PC in order for the tool to work properly. Make sure that’s there (even if it’s empty) before running the Software Installer.

(The C:\DRIVERS folder is IBM’s standard location for saving its driver file install packages, and the tool wants to see that folder before doing anything else. I’m sure this big will be fixed soon, but until then, this is the fix.)

Second note: You may try to install the tool, and get this error:

The wizard was interrupted before System Update could be completely installed.”

This is probably because your PC doesn’t have the right software prerequisites installed. An important one is the Microsoft .NET Architecture. You need version 2.0 or newer installed for the installation to work. Use Microsoft Update to get the latest version of the .NET Architecture.

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