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Tech presents for adults

January 1, 2006

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Twas the month before Christmas, and all through the news
Flew recommendations of presents to choose

From clothes to food, disks both DV and C
HDTV and MP3s

Calendars and books, country and hip hop
“Now look,” we cry. “You’ve gotta stop!”

When the season becomes more work than fun
If you don’t know what to get anyone

Relax, take a breath, and remember this:
Cool tech toys arguably make the best gifts!

USB Heated Gloves for Girls
USB Heated Gloves for Guys

Price: $22

Description: For those with constantly cold hands, or those needing a little extra warmth during the winter, these gloves plug into your computer’s USB port, and use the USB voltage to generate adjustable levels of heat! Wear them to keep your hands toasty while working on the computer. Order is processed overseas, so give extra time for them to arrive. Steaming mug of coffee and wool hat not included.

FMP3 Watch

Price: $110

Description: This is a super-high-tech watch, worthy of James Bond. It’s an MP3 player. It can broadcast audio for listening on a radio channel (play MP3s on the watch while you drive, and listen to them wirelessly via your car’s radio). It’s a voice recorder, and a direct line-input audio and music recorder. It’s a wrist-mounted flash drive: Use it to store files. And oh yes, it also tells time. Order is processed overseas.

Floating LCD Clock and Shuttle

Price: $90

Description: A great desk tech-toy, it’s a magnetically-levitated floating clock. Anything continually suspended in mid-air is cool, and with the clock you get a little function along with your flash. If you get bored with telling the time, get the $25 “Shuttle add-on”, where a replica of the Space Shuttle will hover and rotate in the air. No strings attached.

Cube World

Price: $30 for a set of 2 cubes. There are 6 different sets.

Description: Each cube contains a “living” LCD computerized stick figure with a certain unique personality, like a policeman, singer, or fitness freak. Use buttons on the front of cubes to play games. But the really interesting and fun part is when you magnetically attach cubes together. Suddenly, the stick figure in one cube will start interacting with stick figures in other cubes. They’ll visit with each other, play games, even go bungee jumping (if you stack the cubes high enough). An impressive, unique toy, like an aquarium you never want to stop watching. Not particularly practical, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s just a lot of fun.


Price: $50

Description: This is a small display that plugs into your computer’s USB port. It’s used as an interactive mini-monitor for important, frequently-accessed information. Play a game or watch a movie on your PC, all while the Pertelian gives real-time reporting on eBay auctions, stock updates, RSS reeds, instant messages, iTunes playlists, sports scores, email and more. For the uber-tech, the Pertelian also has a well-supported developer following, so you can create your own interactive programs.

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Price: $115

Description: A super-small keyboard, barely bigger than a credit card. It’s compatible with a large range of Bluetooth-enabled cellphones, media players and similar devices. Great for those who want to type on their phones, but hate using a stylus or cellphone keypad. Having a wireless keyboard when needed is handy, looks cool, and speeds productivity. Order is processed overseas.

Pyramat Sound Rocker

Price: $100 to $200

Description: Sure, it’s a comfy chair. But the Pyramat also plays music and sounds with speakers located inside the chair itself. Great for game players, movie watchers, or those who want a fully immersive music experience while listening to their iPod. More expensive versions of the chair allow for speaker options like a bass-booming subwoofer and wireless broadcasting of the audio signal (no audio cables needed) and are larger and more comfortable.

Magellan Prestige RoadMate 6000T Portable GPS

Price: $700

Description: It’s one of the best in-car GPS units you can buy. Continually updating maps. Voice-guided directions. Live traffic updates to help you locate and drive around freeway construction and accidents. Integrated MP3 player and picture viewer. Bluetooth lets you make hands-free cellphone calls, with caller ID displayed on the GPS view screen. With 6 million points of interest, you’ll always have somewhere to go. The RoadMate is battery-powered and portable, so can be removed and used outside the car if needed.

MAKE magazine

Price: $35 per year, published quarterly

Description: The perfect gift for the creative techie, the person who loves to build, create, and change the world with their own hands: This is a “maker”. Make magazine is a step by step “How-To” for geeky techie projects. Whether you try the projects yourself, or live vicariously by just reading the articles, Make magazine is fascinating, fun, and elevates creative technological intelligence to a new level.

DVD Board Games

Price: $20-$30

Description: If you just can’t drag yourself away from the TV, at least make the experience interactive and fun. Various DVD adventures and games of popular shows are available, like Deal or No Deal, 24, American Chopper, and The Amazing Race.

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