RSS readers and how they work

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The computer world is full of acronyms, from ARP to ZAK. Supposedly simplifying complex terms, acronyms often do the opposite. Computer conversations often lead to an Overdose Of Annoying Acronyms (or OOAA). Today’s star acronym comes as a pleasant surprise, because its job truly is to make things easier for everyone involved. It’s called RSS. […]

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How to stop pop-ups

“Pop-Up Goes the Weasel” -Andy’s amendment of the childhood nursery rhyme Marnie from asks: “For some reason I am getting those message pop-ups that I was telling you about. They are grey boxes that are message alerts to get rid of ads… I am getting a new pop-up every few minutes. Do you know […]

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Website SEO introduction

Blue broccoli. You love it so much, you’ve created a website about it. You want people to Google “blue broccoli”, and be able to find your website in the results. Only it doesn’t happen. Why can’t people find your site? Making your website more popular on Internet searches is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. […]

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Direct your Web experience with Mozilla Firefox

Morgan Freeman should be in every movie. And I don’t mean in a Hitchcockian way, where you glimpse his face for a few seconds as he saunters through the background. No, I mean Morgan should star in every movie. He’s better than any other actor, he’s versatile, can ground the movie in reality, and has […]

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Oh what a tangled Web we weave – What makes up a Website name?

My website is There are four different parts making up that address. Those pieces may be confusing and overly complex, but we see Web addresses so often these days, they slip by our eyes easier than greased banana peels. What’s the point of all the junk surrounding “andybrain”? What insane designer chose to use “www” […]

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