How to rotate a video by 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees


I have a Sony DSC-S60 Digital Camera, which also takes digital movies. I shot some of these on the vertical instead of the horizontal and now discover that when downloading, they stay in the vertical and won’t allow me to rotate them (in the camera or the computer). Do you know of a software that would allow me to do this? Don’t need a super editing suite, just something that allows movie rotation (no problem with the still photo rotation).


You want to rotate video – rotating a recorded video is pretty easy, but you have to know where to look. You didn’t say if you have a Microsoft Windows PC or a Mac. I’ll assume a Windows PC:

If you have Windows XP, you can use the free Microsoft Windows Movie Maker to rotate your video. See this link for detail on rotating a video with WMM.

The newer version of Windows Movie Maker (the one that comes with Windows Vista) has the rotate tool also, but the interface is a little different. You’ll have to do the following:

1) Import the movie

2) Add your movie to the “Storyboard” section (you can drag it there)

3) Right click the Sotryboarded movie, and choose “Effects“.

4) Scroll down the list. You’ll see choices for “Rotate 180“, “Rotate 270” and “Rotate 90“. Double-click one of these options and click “OK”.

Your video will then be rotated. At that point, just export your video (choose “Publish movie” from the File menu). You should now have a second video, only this one is properly rotated.

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  1. Anonymous:

    you should try it because vista will rotate it but will squash the picture.

    also, it will change quality. my 19.9 mb video will become 2.2mb or 69.9 mB!

  2. Anaguma:

    I’m here because I’m looking for something that works also. Windows MovieMaker only makes the rotated video clip as high as it was wide on rotation, giving you a square, or “squashed” as previously noted. Will continue looking.

  3. Sergio:

    I did try your flip feature on one video but notice a significant reduction in video quality since by the time I rotated the video its size drastically reduced in its size hence the impacted quality of the video.

    Any idea on how could I rotate the video without impacting its quality?

  4. Jason:

    What about if you have a mac?

  5. Dave:

    Resizing, Flipping, or Rotating a Movie
    With QuickTime Pro, you can change the size and orientation of a video track of a movie.

    To resize or rotate a QuickTime movie:
    In QuickTime Player, choose Window > Show Movie Properties.
    In the Properties window, select a video track and click Visual Settings.
    To resize the movie, type new numbers in the Current Size fields.
    To keep the same height-to-width proportions, select Preserve Aspect Ratio.

    To rotate the movie, click one of the rotate buttons.
    To restore the movie to its original appearance, click Reset.

  6. bullman:

    or try Avidemux….not only rotate, u can edit your videos.its free open source and if you youtube it theres lot of tutorials on how to use it….hope that helps

  7. JT:

    Google Photo Manager Picassa did it for me…..I think. It’s still uploading to youtube…..

  8. chen:

    Maybe you should try Video Rotate Tool:

  9. Karina:

    This was SO helpful. I’m making a video of my niece’s preschool christmas program to send out, and this worked great. Thanks.

  10. Nigel Wood:

    This worked for me !

    Great work.

  11. sundar:

    my vedio quality was totally damaged,… please give me some other idea,….