How to convert WAV files to MP3 files


I downloaded the Audacity software so that I could copy my cassette music to cd’s. I got the cord, plugged them in and viola, sent 20 min. (one cassette side) to my desktop and Windows Media Player. I see it in my library, can listen to it, but when I drag it to the Burn area to create a CD it won’t burn. I get these two errors:

WMP can’t find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, snyc an item that’s in your library the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed or deleted.

It is not possible to burn this list of files because all of the files have errors or are missing burn rights. To learn more about click on the icon next to each file in the burn list.

Gosh, I’m a 50 year old lady that thought I could do this, but I was wrong again. The files came through as .wav.

Thanks if you can help me. I’ve read through the tutorial and it didn’t help me.


Sometimes Windows Media Player and other programs will get really picky about the types of WAV files you can burn to CD. If it’s not the right WAV format, it simply won’t burn, and will give you the error that you’re getting.

I’d suggest using Audacity to convert your WAV files to MP3 files. Then try using Windows Media Player to create an audio CD using the MP3s:

To convert a WAV file to an MP3:

1) If you haven’t already, download and install the LAME MP3 library into Audacity. This gives Audacity the ability the ability to export files as MP3s.

2) Open Audacity, and use it to open your WAV file.

3) In the Audacity File menu, choose “Export as MP3“.

4) Save the file, then use that same MP3 file to burn to an audio CD with Windows Media Player, or any other audio CD creation tool.

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  1. Indu:

    I have oldies on tapes and LPs that I would like to convert to CD or better still MP3s. I have a MAC with Itune. Will this s/w work on a MAC ? If not what will.?

    Also is there a way to create sub-directories for an MP3 and have tracks within each of them? How is this done?

    Is there a way to rename a tract to something meaningful – “Mom rendidtion of …” or any song name?

  2. abkaiser:

    Hi Indu, I’ve created a new post to answer most of your questions:

    How to rename MP3 track title names

  3. Col:

    Hello there,

    Just had exactly the same problem as the lady trying to burn files after processing them with Audacity.

    Try playing them first (in a playlist in the play list window) with Windows Media player until you see a time come up for each track it should then burn okay.



  4. Andy Kaiser:

    Thanks, Colin, for the help!