How to rename MP3 track title names


I have oldies on tapes and LPs  that I would like to convert to CD or better still MP3s.  I have a MAC with iTunes.  Will this software work on a MAC ?  If not what will?

Also is there a way to create sub-directories for an MP3 and have tracks within each of them?  How is this done?

Is there a way to rename a tract to something meaningful – “Mom rendidtion of …” or any song name?


1) Yes, Audacity is available for Mac. Here’s the Audacity website.

2) As for the question “is there a way to create sub-directories for an MP3 and have tracks within each of them?” …I’m sorry, but don’t understand exactly what you mean here. Can you clarify or give an example?

3) As for renaming song tracks, I assume you mean renaming MP3s? If so, then yes, you can do that. You can do this within Audacity when you export a file as an MP3 (this is in the File -> Export As MP3” menu choice). Export, and you’ll see a window similar to this:

Audacity MP3 exporting - set your track name and other information here

Make sure to fill in the appropriate information for the “Title” field. This is what you’d change to modify the name of the song track.

If you want to change the name of an MP3 in Windows, I know that you just change the file’s “Title” field in the file Properties:

A file’s properties in Windows is where you can change the track name of an MP3

If you’re on a Mac, open iTunes, then import the MP3 you want to modify into your iTunes library. Click and hold the mouse button on the name of the track. It will automatically change to an input field. Enter your new track name.

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